Welcome to the BookMobile. Perhaps you are reading this from your Mobile Device?

If so, perfect! I love double meanings and word play. I adore books. I want to tell you about myself, but let's get to know each other slowly. I will be giving you insight on my blog.

ToTheBookMobile was created in the hopes of sharing books, blogs, words, stories, dialog, feedback.

My vision is to give back to the community. If I adopt out my books, with a gentle "rehoming" fee, I want to use part of those funds for literacy programs and other charities. Charities that actually spend the money on what they say they are going to spend it on.


Alice Before Coffee

Coffee Fiend Obviously

Not a good Alice to talk to, prior to this magic brew consumed.

I like tea too, but I am truly a coffee snob.


Das neue Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet

Find me here...

Pretty much always through my Instagram account - ToTheBookMobile, or click on the contact button on the top of this page. I can elusive and on the move, because I love to travel, wander, etc. However I can always be found online, via email, or text.

I'm prompt with responses, shipping and inquiries.




"Driver" of the BookMobile

 I have a book addiction, and devour books like a starving waif, to calm my brain that will only turn off in it's sleep, maybe.

If I'm fortunate a book can help with overthinking...

...and also lull me into the land of nod.

Peruse my site, take a peak...