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My goal of creating tothebookmobile is to connect others with words. Words from books, blogs, communication. This should be a welcoming safe space to exchange ideas, promote creativity, exchange laughter, and exchange knowledge.

I would like to have fun with this! Contests, showcase work, book reviews, and more. My life can get hectic, and I cannot always meet up outside the home to join a fantastic group of readers. Im lucky to return library books on time. I'm hoping we can all do that, from wherever we are, on our time.

Bookworms are like my tribe, you know? I don't know if I've ever met a bookish person that wasn't one of the coolest people on the planet.



Cat for sale. Just kidding. I am going to flex my fingers and rusty mind to attempt to blog. I hope my blog has content you can follow. I suspect my brain does not function as logically as other brains. My family gets me (well except for my sister) and I hope some of you do too.

I hope to entertain you. Please gently point out my errors, leave feedback. I haven't written anything creatively since my mean second grade teacher, who clearly hated her job, didn't get my analogies and marked my paper with red ink. And an F. It was a satire piece, but clearly not following the format she wanted. I suppose I might lose my sense of humor working with 7 year olds long past the point I should have retired. I'm sure she's dead now, so I'm trying again.

Alice in Wonderland


To support my book addiction (so I can buy even more books) I will be posting books to be "adopted" by someone who will love it as much as I did. Rehoming fee plus S&H will apply. I'm excited that someone will be just as mad about books as me. It's nice to share, isn't it?

Part of the "rehoming fee" will be donated to support other charities and literacy programs. Especially for children. One of the best gifts my mother gave me was a love for reading.


Look at the books for yourself. Browse.

Coming soon to the gallery, and new additions will be announced.

Cute cartoon.


Your thoughts?

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